Virtual Account

Virtual Account is corporate (company) identification number that is made by Shinhan Bank base on company customers request. Identification number to be given to its customers as account number for receiving fund of payment.

Benefit for company

  • Easies to reconcile customers transaction and payments
  • Speed up, simplify and efficiency in managing corporate account
  • Ensure the correctness of payment information
  • Transaction can be viewed and download online throught Internet Banking
  • Virtual Account number also can be an identity number for the customer
  • Fast implementation 

Benefit for customers of the company

  • No need to have Shinhan Bank Account
  • Easily to make payments throught various channel :  


1. Within Shinhan Bank

  • Overbooking from ATM
  • Overbooking from Branch
  • Overbooking from Internet Banking or Mobile Banking 


2. From Other Bank

  • Transfer using ATM Network
  • Transfer using SKN/RTGS 

Ease of transaction to Virtual Account Shinhan Bank

When performe the transaction, customer name and company name will be displayed. This is to ensure there is no mistake during payment.


e.g : Customer Name - Company Name

Who should use Virtual Account ?

Virtual Account fasilities can be used by various entities, as follows :

  • School - University
  • Supplier distributor
  • Insurance
  • Funding
  • Apartments
  • Automotive Dealer
  • E-Commerce (Fintech)
  • Retail Shops
  • Local Community

How to register Virtual Account ?

Its easy to use Shinhan Bank Virtual Account, here are the requirement :

  • Have a corporate Giro or Saving account as mother account (pooling account)
  • Have an e-mail address that must be registered for sending transaction information

Further Information

We will provide more detailed explanation if needed, please contact :

  • Account officer or marketing in all Shinhan Bank branch
  • Call Center at 1500-881 (24 hours)