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Towards New Digital Age of Banking

What is SOL?

SOL is new digital banking product from Shinhan Bank. With its 3 concepts (Simple, Fast and Cute), SOL is expected to serve Shinhan Bank customers with a great user experience.

SOL does not just bring new technologies and features to ensure the convenient and comfort to the customers, but also enhance the security aspect into the platform.

SOL will replace current Shinhan Bank Indonesia Mobile Banking (S-Bank)

How to Register SOL?

  • Internet Banking UserID is needed to register to SOL

          *Note: If you don’t have Internet Banking UserID, you may come to nearest branch to register Internet Banking

  • Download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Input your Internet Banking User ID and Password
  • SMS OTP will be sent to your mobile phone which is registered in Shinhan Bank
  • Create m-OTP PIN for to make transactions
  • Register Easy Login if needed

SOL Feature

  • Manage Account

              - Checking Balance

              - Transaction History

              - E-Slip

  • Fund Transfer

              - Within Shinhan

              - SKN/RTGS

              - Online

              - Phone Number Transfer

  • Foreign Exchange

               - Transfer USD within Shinhan

               - Overseas Transfer

               - Exchange rate

  • Bill Payment

             - Prepaid

             - Postpaid

             - Auto Debit

             - Tax MPN

             - Credit Card

             - E-Commerce (Gopay, Sriwijaya Air, OVO)

  • New Product

             - Online Time Deposit


Fee & Limit on SOL

Transfer Limit

FX Transfer

Online Time Deposit

FAQ - Frequently Ask Question

1. Can I register SOL without Internet Banking?

Currently SOL can only be used if you have Internet Banking UserID. So you must register Internet Banking first before using SOL

2. What is M-OTP?

M-OTP (Mobile One Time Password) is a new technology based on software token installed on your device. M-OTP is registered automatically when you try to register SOL. To use M-OTP, you will need to create 6 digit M-OTP PIN which will be use during your transaction on SOL

3. Can i use the same ATM PIN for my M-OTP PIN 

Yes. You can create the same number as ATM PIN. You just need to enter the same 6 digits number when you create your M-OTP PIN

4. What is Phone Number Transfer and how does it work?

Phone Number Transfer is new feature on SOL where you can transfer to your friends by just using their mobile phone number.  In order to use this feature, you need to ensure the name entered is exactly the same with the name of the destination account.

5. My password is blocked. How can i retrieve back the password?

You may access "Forgot Password" menu on SOL Login page to reset your password

6. I forgot my M-OTP PIN. How can i reset my M-OTP PIN?

To reset your M-OTP PIN, you need to login and access "Manage M-OTP" menu. An SMS OTP will be sent to you for verification.

7. Apakah itu fitur Widget Transfer?

Widget Transfer is a new feature on SOL where you can create a shortcut on SOL Home page or on your Mobile Home Screen

8. Why i can't use Face Recognition on SOL?

Face Recognition is only available for iPhone X and above. FaceID must have been configured on your iPhone.

9. What if i loss my phone?

Please call our Call Center at 1500-881 so that we can help you to block your account. You may re-register SOL on your new phone.

10. What is cold period?

Cold period is a security feature where if you just changed your mobile phone, SOL will block any new transfer to new account for 24 hours.
But you may still use SOL to transfer to existing favorite account 



Only 2.000 Customers get cashback
More than 2x login in September
(Should not login from June to August 2019)

First 500 Customers          : IDR 50.000
Next 500 Customers         : IDR 30.000
Next 1000 Customers       : IDR 25.000


Click here to download SOL User Manual

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