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Saving Money + Bonus Balance Up to IDR 50RB

Saving Money for prospective new customers with a CGV ticket coupon worth IDR 25,000!!

And a BONUS BALANCE of IDR 5,000 per financial transaction (Payment, Purchase, e-Money Top Up, and QRIS Payment) through the SOL Indonesia application

Download mobile banking application SOL Indonesia on Play Store and or App Store, open the online account, activate SOL Indonesia and get benefit up to IDR 50.000 for CGV ticket voucher and bonus balance.


Program period : March 8th  - May 31st 2023


To participate in this program “SURPRISE BONUS FROM SHINHAN BANK” the Customer is required to understand and agree to the General Terms and Conditions, as follows:

  1. This program only applies for Prospective Customer of PT Bank Shinhan Indonesia that open an online account through SOL Indonesia by using reference code “CGV”.
  2. New Prospective Customer will get CGV voucher to purchase ticket of IDR 25.000 after open online account and activate SOL application (make User ID and Login) by using reference code “CGV” during the program period.
  3. Voucher IDR 25.000 will sent through SMS to phone number that has been registered on SOL Indonesia application no later than 14 working days.
  4. CGV voucher can be used at all CGV outlets in Indonesia.
  5. CGV voucher is valid for purchasing CGV tickets of all classes (Reguler, Satin, 4DX, Velvet, Starium, Suite, Goldclass).
  6. CGV voucher is only valid for 1 time payment for a movie ticket.
  7. CGV voucher can be used for online and offline (POS) purchases.
  8. This program cannot be combined with other SOL Indonesia account opening programs.
  9. The Customer who have opened an online account with reference code “CGV” also entitled to a bonus balance of IDR 5.000 per financial transactions (Payment, Purchase, e-Money Top Up, and QRIS Payment) during the program period on SOL Indonesia application with minimum payment of IDR 25.000 (Maximum bonus (balance) for QRIS transaction is IDR 25.000 or 5 times transactions).
  10. Bonus Balance disbursement will be given in a maximum of 14 working to a savings account at PT Bank Shinhan Indonesia.
  11. CGV voucher quota and bonus (balance) is limited to the first 1.000 people.
  12. Other provisions related to products and/or services, as long as they are not regulated differently in these General Terms and Conditions are declared to remain valid and binding on the Customer.
  13. Customer can make complaints on banking services or transactions through PT Bank Shinhan Indonesia branch offices or through call center 1500-881.
  14. If it is later discovered that the documents submitted in the SOL Indonesia application are fake or incorrect and are used for fraudulent transactions or to accommodate the proceeds of crime (violate applicable laws and regulations), and not in accordance with the provisions of the Implementation of the Anti-Money Laundering Program and the Prevention of AML-CFT Terrorism Funding, then PT Bank Shinhan Indonesia is authorized and approval from the Customer to close and block the account and/or access the Customer's SOL Indonesia application, and has the right to make cancellation of giving CGV voucher and bonus balance to the Customer.
  15. All Correspondence to the Customer will be addressed to the address registered at the Bank. The change of address will not apply if the notification in writing along with the supporting evidence has not been received by the Bank and all consequences are not the responsibility of the Bank.
  16. The Customer hereby agrees that PT Bank Shinhan Indonesia has the right at any time to correct/amend/complete/update the Terms and Conditions of this program with notification to the Customer who is informed through the media available at PT Bank Shinhan Indonesia.
  17. The Customer has read and understood the contents of the Terms and Conditions of this Program, and all statements, warranties, Terms and Conditions contained in these Terms and Conditions are true and correct, and therefore no further interpretation is required
  18. The Customer is fully responsible for everything related to the Customer's activities on the SOL Indonesia application, including opening accounts and transactions on the SOL Indonesia application. Use by unauthorized parties and all consequences and losses that arise remain the responsibility and risk of the Customer.
  19. PT Bank Shinhan Indonesia is released from responsibility for forgery, fraud, abuse or other acts committed by other/third parties for this program. Make sure the Customer is careful and is not deceived by people acting on behalf of PT Bank Shinhan Indonesia by promising gifts/other forms of prizes.
  20. The Customer releases PT Bank Shinhan Indonesia from all kinds of lawsuits that may arise in the future.
  21. In line with the increasing variety and model of digital transformation, PT Bank Shinhan Indonesia's Customers to always be careful of every transaction process by keeping the confidentiality of Password, PIN, OTP and personal data, not giving any data to other parties that have the potential to occur fraud or other cybercrimes.
  22. These Terms and Conditions are made in two languages, Indonesian and English. If there are statement/questions or differences in interpretation or meaning related to these Terms and Conditions, the Indonesian language shall prevail.


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