Financial Inclusion 2018 Bank Shinhan Indonesia

Bank Shinhan Indonesia Participated in the Implementation of Financial Inclusion through Its Branches in Several Cities

Financial Inclusion at Bandung

“Introduction of Deposit Products and E-Banking Services of Bank Shinhan Indonesia with HANSAMO Community”

Bandung Branch of Bank Shinhan Indonesia (“BSI”)  has held financial inclusion event titled “Introduction of Deposit Products and E-Banking Services of Bank Shinhan Indonesia with “HANSAMO” Community” located at BSI Bandung Branch Office, dated October 21, 2018. HANSAMO is a largest Korea culture lovers community in Bandung. BSI as a subsidiary of Shinhan Bank Co. Ltd., the Number 1 Bank in Korea, held this event as a form of its participation in the program of “Financial Inclusion Month” which is organized by OJK during October 2018 with theme “Synergy to Encourage the Financial Access Acceleration”


Participation of BSI in the Financial Literation & Inclusion Expo at Makassar

Financial Services Industry in South Sulawesi – “Synergy to Encourage the Financial Access Acceleration”

Bank Shinhan Indonesia (“BSI”)  Makassar Branch participated in the Financial Literation & Inclusion Expo  at  Anjungan City, Losari Beach, Makassar, dated October 20-21 , 2018. This event was held by OJK cooperated with South Sulawesi Province Government, Financial Services Industry Communication Forum of South Sulawesi and Financial Access Acceleration Team for South Sulawesi Area,  in the framework of Financial Inclusion Month activity to encourage community interest for using financial products and/or services. In this event, BSI Makassar Branch open a booth/stand to introduce BSI products and services to the expo visitors, especially for Special Rate Time Deposit and Mortgage Shihan Happy Housing products.


Financial Inclusion at Purwodadi

“Introduction of  Personal Loan  KTA) of Bank Shinhan Indonesia with PT Pungkook Indonesia One"

Bank Shinhan Indonesia (“BSI”)  Semarang Branch organized a financial inclusion event themed “Introduction of Personal Loan (KTA) of Bank Shinhan Indonesia with PT Pungkook Indonesia One” located at Grobogan, Purwodadi on October 23, 2018. In this event, BSI provided an introduction and understanding of KTA benefits which is a multipurpose credit facility as solution to address the various problem of employee needs with the simple and quick process. With a positive understanding, Pungkook employees are expected to wisely use KTA to meet their needs flexibly in accordance to their financial capabilities.