Bank Shinhan Indonesia Achieved the 2018 Award with Predicate of the “Sound” Bank from Warta Ekonomi

Warta Ekonomi through Indonesia Best Banking Award 2018 again awarded as the appreciation for the banks which have well performance and sound condition. Warta Ekonomi had scrutinized on 115 commercial banks in Indonesia in the period of 2016-2017 to determine their soundness level.

Warta Ekonomi Research and Consulting through its research, determined Bank Shinhan Indonesia deserves to won the “Sound” Bank Award on the Category of BUKU 2 with Assets below IDR 10 Trillion.

The sound bank, based on the research, reflects a sound condition so that they are considered capable in facing the significant negative influences from changes in business conditions and external factors. This is reflected in the rating factors among others: risk profiles, governance implementation, profitability, capital, and intermediation performance which are generally good.