Foreign Currency Transfer

Transfer foreign currency from anywhere using Mobile Banking


Overseas Transfer

  • Enjoy up to 80% discount rate


  • Admin Fee


  • Correspondent Bank Fee (Full Amount)


  • Correspondent Fee Charge type 
     1. OUR : Fee is covered by sender
     2. SHA : Fee is covered by beneficiary
  • Service hours : 09:15 - 14:30 GMT+7

USD Transfer Within Shinhan

  • Available for  :
    1. IDR to USD
    2. USD to USD
    3. USD to IDR
  • Discount rate also applicable for foreign transfer within Shinhan Bank

Transfer Limit

  • USD 25,000 per month from IDR to other currency
  • USD 100,000 per transaction from USD to USD

User Manual

You can download Foreign Currency Transfer user manual here