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Enjoy other benefits:

1. Competitive online time deposit interest rate 
2. Discounted exchange rate for Foreign Currency Transfer
3. Complete features for transfer domestic and international, bill payment, purchase, top up OVO and GOPAY



How to Open Account Online?

Now open account is easier and can be done anytime and anywhere.

Steps to do online account opening:
1. Download SOL Indonesia App in App Store or Play Store using smartphone
2. Choose “Open Now” button
3. Enter email address, mobile phone number, and reference code (if exist)
4. Upload photos of e-KTP, NPWP (if exist) and signature
5. Enter financial and occupation information
6. Do video call with Bank Shinhan Indonesia’s Agent
7. Account opening process has completed and SMS will be sent after account is created successfully
8. Access SOL App, choose “Open Now” button and create your User ID
9. Login to SOL App, choose “Debit Card Management -> Issuing Debit Card” menu to request preferred address for
    debit card delivery

Conditions for online account opening:
1. Have e-KTP
2. Have active email address and mobile phone number
3. Do not have Bank Shinhan Indonesia’s account previously
4. Only for individual customer
5. For security reason, all online account opening data in App will be deleted at the end of the day

Joint and become Bank Shinhan Indonesia’s precious Customer and get various benefits


Easiest Way to Get Bank Shinhan Indonesia Debit Card

Debit Card can be delivered to your preferred address with the following steps:

1. Login to SOL App
2. Choose “Debit Card Management -> Issuing Debit Card“ menu
3. Choose registered address in Bank or insert other delivery address or choose Bank Shinhan Indonesia Branch
4. Delivery will be processed at maximum of 14 working days
5. After receiving the Debit Card, login to SOL App and choose “Debit Card Management -> Activate Debit Card”
    menu to activate and create PIN for the Debit Card
6. Debit Card has already been activated and can be used with offered benefits

Currently, Debit Card deliveries are directed to areas where Bank Shinhan Indonesia branch offices are located (DKI Jakarta, Banten, West Java, DI Yogyakarta, East Java, Bali, North Sumatra, South Sulawesi, West Nusa Tenggara).


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can do online account opening?
    Online account opening is only available for new Customer who has not had any accounts previously in Bank Shinhan

2. Can foreigners register online account opening?
    Sorry, Customer who can do online account opening is restricted for Indonesia Citizen,who has e-KTP

3. What should be prepared to do online account opening?
    Before starting online account opening process, it’s better for applicant to prepare the following items:
    a. e-KTP
    b. NPWP (optional)
    c. Beneficial Owner’s KTP (if needed)
    d. Beneficial Owner’s NPWP (if needed)
    e. Beneficial Owner’s Family Card (if needed)

4. Who will require to provide the Beneficial Owner information?
    Applicant who does not have income, such as student and housewife, will be required to provide Beneficial Owner
    information (such as parent or spouse information)

5. What is the allowed maximum file size for signature photo upload?
    The maximum file size for signature photo is 1 MB

6. Is there any cut off time for online account opening process?
    The "Open Now" button for online account opening is only availalbe to be accessed on working days at 08:00-17:00

7. When can I do the video call to complete my online account opening process?
    Video call agent will be available on working days at 08.00 – 17.00 WIB

8. Why all the online account opening data cannot be found on the next day?
    All the data will be deleted by end of day for security reason, so it is advised to finish the online account opening
    process on the same day

9. What’s the coverage area of Debit Card Delivery?
    For now Debit Card delivery coverage only for Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, and Surabaya

10. How can I request Debit Card if my address is outside the delivery area coverage?
     You can choose Bank Shinhan Indonesia’s nearest branch as your Debit Card delivery address

11. How long will the Debit Card delivery process?
     The estimated delivery process will be at maximum 14 working days, with condition that the provided
     delivery address is complete, valid and there is an available person to receive the Debit Card at the delivery address

12. Can i use the account for transaction before getting my Debit Card?
      You can use your account straight away for transaction from Mobile Banking SOL after you create the User ID by
      continuing the online acoount opening process (choosing "Open Now" button)

13. What is the minimum requirement for Android and iOS platform?
      SOL can be accessed with minimum Android version 7.0 And iOS version 8.0

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