BI-Fast Transfer

Instant IDR remittance (real-time) between BI-Fast participating banks

*currently only available on Individual Internet Banking


BI-Fast Transfer Fee

  • Free during promotion period. Terms and Condition regarding promotion as stated in
  • IDR 2.500 / Transaction after promotion ended.

BI-Fast Transfer Limit

  • Transaction limit: Min. IDR 10.000, Max. IDR 250.000.000
  • Daily limit: Max. IDR 250.000.000

BI-Fast Service Hours

Service available 24 Hours x 7 days (including holidays)

BI-Fast Transfer Methods

  • Transfer to the recipient's Proxy Address
  • Transfer to the beneficiary's Account Number

BI-Fast Proxy Features

  • Register Proxy
  • Suspend & Activate Proxy
  • De-regist Proxy
  • Port Proxy

User Manual

You can download BI-Fast Transfer user manual here [Download